Sanat Khodro Ati Ray Co. (SKAR)

(Possessing Grade A in manufacturing back truck equipment)

Iran Compress
Iran Compress

Aerial lift truck

1- Height: 9-11 meter Max.
2- Height to the basket: 7 meter
3- Rotation angle: 360 degree
4- Lateral access: 4.5 meter
5- Basket capacity: 150Kg
6- Basket type: Fiberglass
7- Balance base: 2 pcs
8- Control type: Hydraulic & Electro-hydraulic
9-Power connection: PTO
10- Hydraulic hoses and fittings: European made with pressure capacity up to 250 bar
11-Boom: Made of alloy steel
12- Painting: Epoxy primer and Polyurethane coating with thickness of 70 micron

Iran Compress