Sanat Khodro Ati Ray Co. (SKAR)

(Possessing Grade A in manufacturing back truck equipment)

Iran Compress
Iran Compress

Car career

1- Dimension: (L) 5,770mm (W) 2,200mm
2- Loading angle: 14 (deg.)
3- Floor coating: Galvanized sheet (2mm) along with ribbed Aluminium sheet (3mm)
4- Hydraulic winch: With pulling power of 3700 Kg
5- Hydraulic hoses and fittings: Europeaan made with pressure capacity up to 250 bar
6- Hydraulic cylinders: Made of special pipes and shaft coated with crome (20 micron) from Europe
7- Hyraulic valves: 2-way valves, made in Europe
8- Painting: Epoxy primer and Polyurethane coating with thickness of 70 micron

Iran Compress