Sanat Khodro Ati Ray Co. (SKAR)

(Possessing Grade A in manufacturing back truck equipment)

Iran Compress
Iran Compress

Garbage truck (Mini pack)

Able to discharge any type of garbage bucket

1- Dimension: (L) 2,650mm (W) 1,660mm X (H) 1,150mm
2- Side walls thickness: 3mm
3- Floor sheet thickness: 4mm, type ST52
4- Capacity: 3sqm
5- Loading capacity: 1,500Kg
6- Discharging capacity: Up to 4000Kg
7- Discharging angle: 72 degree
8- Lifting system: Telescopic cylinder
9- Hydraulic pump: Gear type
10- Hydraulic hoses and fittings: Europeaan made with pressure capacity up to 250 bar
11- Painting: Epoxy primer and Polyurethane coating with thickness of 70 micron
12- Equipped with garbage compression arms

Iran Compress